About Us

Iron-Starr Excess Agency Ltd. was incorporated in Bermuda as a direct response to increasing concerns voiced by major corporations and their brokers toward counterparty risk resulting from exposure to the individual carriers within the insurance marketplace.

Underwriting experience in Bermuda’s healthcare insurance market

Susan Pateras, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Practice Leader, Iron-Starr Excess Agency & Lindsay Roos, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Broker, Bowring Marsh Bermuda discuss the wealth of experience and human talent in Bermuda’s mature insurance marketplace.

Iron-Starr's Horton: Opportunities in Cyber Capacity, Transactional Liability

Steve Horton, Senior Vice President, Iron-Starr Excess Agency, said the organization is pursuing a strategy that brings together capacity providers and underwriters to focus on emerging market opportunities.

  • Iron-Starr is proud to announce that as of July 1, 2018, the team has bolstered its underwriting capabilities with the addition of Joanna Din and Mike Gazzard to the Financial Lines underwriting team, reporting to Liam Jones. Joanna joins us from the London market where she has been underwriting Financial Lines business for 8 years. Mike Gazzard has been promoted to Underwriter with immediate effect. Mike has worked within the Iron-Starr Financial Lines team for 4 years.

  • Ironshore has supported The Coalition for the Protection of Children (CFPC) for the past 6 years through various initiatives. This year we partnered with them in support of their “Breakfast for Every Child” program currently in place across Bermuda’s primary schools. The program currently serves 93k breakfasts annually and enriches the start of every day for thousands of children across Bermuda. Students who eat breakfast have been proven to perform better in school.

  • The 5th Annual Bermuda Relay for Life was on May 18th and 19th. Ironshore raised over $110k so far this year in addition to our annual sponsorship. The Great Ironshore Bake-Off took place each Monday over a 5-week period with 5 different teams bringing in sweet treats. In addition to satisfying the office sweet tooth each Monday afternoon, this initiative has raised $3,954.50. We love supporting such a great cause!

  • Excess Casualty
    Iron-Starr Excess Agency Ltd. provides catastrophic excess casualty capacity for the global 1000 company segment. Iron-Starr products are available for both public and private companies as well as not for profit entities, government agencies and limited liability companies.
  • Financial Lines
    Iron-Starr Excess Agency Ltd. provides excess capacity across the full suite of financial lines products and are available for public, private, and not for profit entities, across a wide range of industry classes.
  • Healthcare
    Iron-Starr Excess Agency Ltd. provides insurance protection for a broad range of clients, including integrated delivery systems, academic medical centers, pediatric and other specialty hospitals, long-term care facilities, senior care facilities, physician groups, miscellaneous medical facilities, managed care organizations, clinical research organizations and various allied and physician groups.
  • We consider ourselves entrepreneurs just as much as insurance experts.

    - Steve Horton